Corruption and the Indonesian Legal System

Corruption is one of the biggest problems faced by Indonesia. Despite the efforts to combat corruption have been made in recent years with the establishment of the KPK (anti-corruption commission), but it is not easy because corruption has become a negative tradition. So the need for measures of effective eradication is the basis for eliminating corruption.

The number of Muslims in Indonesia, is actually a very remarkable potential to develop and promote the Indonesian nation, but the rampant corruption that have marred the progress expected. Among these are the causes of corruption. First, the transformation of society into decline in morality, attitude change is to make people who experience anomie (Old values that form the law has been abandoned, while new values that have not materialized.) Rapid change, make people impatient and tend to be lazy. Second, the use of networks for economic methods or strategies to survive. Third, corruption is rooted in the norms and bureaucratic institutions that put performance dramatically. Fourth, weak institutional leadership management of the government. Fifth, the legal political product that produces instruments of potential corruption laws, such as the establishment of law through democratic processes with national legislation which fully engineered (lie) and political interpretation. Sixth, the application of the law against perpetrators of corruption in addition to slow is also not a deterrent effect and is considered the usual case.

Although the causes of corruption vary, but one thing that should be noted that corruption is a cultural product, because the political system, socio-economic and secular culture.In a country like Indonesia is a secular, religion is only present in personal life, was not present in the political, social, economic and so forth. Rules contained in the religion of God, just a matter of each individual. He did not attend officially in political law, socio-cultural, economic and so forth.

For example, products such as the politics of anti-corruption laws that are born by some regime in Indonesia, can never be effective, partly because the law only to meet the momentary political interests of political rulers. He not only does not stand on God’s law (sharia) is enthroned in the hearts of the people and believed by most people in Indonesia, but generally do not stand for the interests of society. Thus, the law is made, never got a real strong support from the community. Therefore, people do not give a strong response, judges, prosecutors, and police as law enforcers, not the most motivated to practice the eradication of corruption, which occurs, law enforcement agencies involved to look for opportunities to collect treasures for the sake of the family is eligible to ensure survival until retirement.
Thus, the need for a way to fix it starts with improving the human with the improvement of monotheism and morality to improve the mental and moral has been damaged, as well as straighten the intention and determination to rebuild Indonesia with full devotion and sincerity. In order to achieve this goal, law enforcement agencies such as police, prosecutors, and judges should be clear without any involvement of political interests. At the same time, legal materials should be upgraded and equipped with the very strict supervision to minimize corrupt actions that will happen which is the root cause of slow development and the development of the Indonesian nation and the role of society in the oversight of government agencies to participate actively against corruption.


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